All of the indicators and strategies you ever need. Think or Swim

Did you ever buy an indicator or strategy? Well, Today is your lucky day.

I have done all the homework for you, well most of it. Below you will see a download for a list of all website that has Think or Swim Scripts (Indicators, Strategies, Scans)

In other words, not all websites are still active. Therefore you will need to do some work to see which ones are. To find the indicator that you want or need will also require a little digging.

Do not buy any indicators!

Just don't do it. All of the indicators that you are looking to purchase are all free. In more cases, it won't be an indicator that is with your broker but will require a little digging to find. Some change the name of the indicator or a few of the settings.

A lot of indicators work even better on different time frames. For that reason make sure you are testing your indicator on different chart time frames and styles. (Tick, Volume, Renko, and Range)

Here it is: All the indicators you will ever need

Website Active No Yes Maybe No No Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes No

How to use indicators the right way

In conclusion, before you start getting trigger happy and downloading all the indicators, be sure you know how to use them. As a result of just download, the indicator could result in false signals or bad entries and exits. Do some research on the indicators. What are the rules of the indicator? What time frame to use? If you understand basic coding looking at the code could give you a better understand of what is happening and when to take the trades.

Key Takeaways:

  • Please note that I am not affiliated with any of these websites. I am sharing this to help you become a better trader.
  • Practice in SIM before placing real trades with new indicators.
  • Learn basic code to understand the indicator.
  • Study and backtest. Follow your rules.

How to start investing in 3 steps:

How to choose the right indicator for you:

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